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iPhoto Batch Enhancer. For Mac.

iPhoto Batch Enhancer is designed to make your life with iPhoto even more comfortable. It helps you apply the built in iPhoto effects (enhance, black-white, sepia and more) with a few mouse clicks to a batch of photos. Additionally you can perform changes to the Adjust palette as well as scale or rotate your photos. The application is localized in English and German. Go to the download page...

Important: iPhoto Batch Enhancer is not compatible with Apple's new Photos app!

What's new in iPhoto Batch Enhancer 3?

Main Window

Batch processing your photos in three simple steps

Select the photos to be processed in iPhoto:
Choose one ore more actions in iPhoto Batch Enhancer and click Apply:
Watch iPhoto Batch Enhancer apply the actions photo by photo. Please don't use other apps in the meantime. That's it!

Try and Buy

iPhoto Batch Enhancer is being distributed as shareware. After starting the application for the first time it will contact our license server to obtain a free trial license. You will then be able to try it without restrictions for two weeks. If you like iPhoto Batch Enhancer and wish to use it after the trial period you have to buy it.
The price for a single user license is US $9.99 / £7.99. For private use the license covers up to three computers in the same household. Professional users are required to obtain a license for every system they wish to use iPhoto Batch Enhancer on.

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